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Thursday, July 06, 2017

My easy travel makeup routine that you can do with just 9 products.
If I'm honest with you guys my travel makeup routine is the simplest thing ever, because airplanes/cars/buses have ac that can make you skin dry and because I have dry skin I don't want to make it worst, so basically what I do is apply all my skincare products and a little bit of makeup.

 if you feel insecure without makeup, don't worry! You do you, and don't let people bring you down for that but don't forget to apply a moisturiser before so you don't get dry skin.

Moisturizer: This is my first step always for any everyday makeup routine, because I have dry skin I need to prep my skin so the makeup don't look cake-y and I can blend it more easily. Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer   

Sunscreen: This is a vital step for me every single day, because I am super fair I don't want to burn my face or start to tan and my face can be a different color from my body. Keep in mind that I only do this in the morning/afternoon but not at night because the SPF can cause the "flash effect" so I don't want to look -even more- like a ghost. The one that I use was recommended for me skin type by a dermatologist and is called Afelius Oil Free

Rose Water: I got one at my supermarket and I love it, I saw people spending a lot of money on rose water and I'm like What?! Seriously?, The one I use is amazing and don't have chemicals or anything is pure organic water, and it was like 2 dollars but I think is a Colombian brand so you can't find it so easy. I use rose water for more hydration and also as a primer and it works amazing!

Concealer: Well, because I don't want my skin to get dry and all that stuff I skip foundation and go straight to concealer applying only in my dark circles, red areas and any blemishes I have. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Setting Powder: I apply it only in the zones I put concealer because I don't want him to crease with the time. Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder 

Blush: Even though this wasn't very important for me I learned that a little bit of blush can make you look more awake and radiant, and because I am so fair I can even get to look a little sick. Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Glow Blush 

Eyebrows: I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows, I like them super natural looking but my eyebrows are super light so I have to give them a little bit of help by filling any gap I have with an eyebrow pencil or even some eyeshadow, but I try not to add a lot because I don't like the typical "instagram eyebrow". Avon Eyebrow Pencil in "Dark Brown" or Avon Dark Brown Eyeshadow Duo

Eyelashes: I do this step just to look more awake and expressive, I use two mascaras the Flormar super curl and the L'oreal telescopic 

Lips: And lastly I apply a nude lipstick to my lips just to add a little color on them. 

Do you apply makeup when you are travelling? 

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