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Sunday, June 04, 2017

These are the 6 books you need to read ASAP!

One of the things that I've been enjoying lately is to read, but I don't like fictional book or stories like Harry Potter (I haven't read it) or those types of books, I like to read things that can bring something to my life whether is knowledge, peace or can help me grow as a person.

One of the things that I see a lot on YouTube and even blogs are the Law of attraction, it is like a hot trend right now but for me isn't, my mom have been always so passionate about it so I knew a little about it but I always wanted to know more so that's why I decided to read The Secret in this book you can learn a lot about how to attract the things you want and you deserve in your life. Other book that you need to read is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert even though this one is not about the law of attraction is about how to live a creative life, not based on fear and this one has helped me a lot because I am the type of person always looking for -stupid yet scared- excuses to don't do things.

Now that I'm talking about books that can actually help you in your life this one is incredible, is called You can heal your life and guys this one give you affirmations you can say every second of the day, some exercises you can do so it can help you to love more yourself or some different aspects of your life, and it the last pages you can see how some aches/pain we feel in our bodies are related to our emotions.

Poetry has been one of my favorites right now and this two books are just the most amazing books I have read in the longest time, Milk and honey and To the women I once loved. Milk and honey is a variation of poems for different occasions but To the women I once loved is more about a man falling in love with a woman and how he treated the other ones just because he wasn't able to forget the "love of his life".

And the last one is for my fellow bloggers or anyone that want to turn their instagram into a business or literally anyone that want to have an amazing theme in your instagram and you may know it by now it's called Capture your style by the top blogger Aimee Song and guys she give some good tips and even tell you things that you are like "wow, I never thought about it" so guys get it ASAP!

Well, those are the books I am obsessed with at the moment and to be honest I can't recommend them enough to you, and a plus is that they are really cheap and easy to get. 

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