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May 31, 2017

Here I show you 4 ways to style one of the hottest trends right now, that are simple to recreate and you probably have them in your closet.

Every girl should have a pleated skirt in their wardrobe either long or midi, and now that spring is here and summer is coming you will be seeing a lot of women wear this piece, because it is so versatile and cute but also comfortable which is pretty much what we all want to have. So I know sometimes it can be a little stressful when it comes to this piece because you don't know how to style it so here you have 4 ways to wear it. 
Girly yet comfy? YES. A tank top with a pleated skirt is a simple outfit but you can look so put together and everyone will think that you spent a lot of time in your closet. The skirt adds texture to the look so you don't look plain, even when she is wearing the same colour tones she doesn't look boring, the skirt is just the center of attention. 
Sometimes looking for an outfit for an elegant event can be very difficult and stressful and more if you don't have time for going on a shopping trip for a dress, so what I usually do is to look for pieces that can go together and this outfit is the representation of that. Always try to look for similar colours so when someone look at you they can appreciate the whole outfit and not think "what is she wearing?". Again, the main piece is the dress but she added a little more texture with the lace top and it looks more feminine and beautiful.
Who thought that a skirt can look amazing with a skirt? Not me. Pair this kind of skirt with sneakers, sandals, boots literally with anything. I think that fashion is growing so much that you can wear anything you and this look is pretty much the demonstration of that. Also, if you don't want a long sleeve top you can change it for a tank top, a simple t-shirt or your favorite band tee.
Of course I had to share a look for going out because one of the hardest times you have at night  is looking for the perfect outfit hahaha, I think this one is pretty beautiful and easy to put together for a night out whether is having a drink, going to dinner or even going to the club, because if it chilly outside while you have dinner you can keep the jacket but when you go inside the club is hot so you can take it off. it's a win-win situation. 

Let me know what piece would you like me to show you how to style it and I would love to do it. 

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