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April 25, 2017

Fashion is constantly changing, but you don't  have to change your style every single time fashion does. Sometimes we clean our closet throwing away the things "out of trend" but recently we've been seen that is all about old trends, so don't risk a piece you really love just because is out of trend, have it in your closet and wait for the time when is "in" again or simply wear it whenever you want, fashion is to have fun and not to be always "on trend". 

For this season we are going to see a lot of 80's, 90's trends, so if you are from the 2000's is now your time to imagine you were born in those ages.
With brand logos, messages and even the band tees are the hottest trend right now, it was seen in NYFW, PFW and LFW and to be honest I lovee it, and I am an enthusiast for this trend because is so easy to style and can take you out of the "daily nightmare" -I don't know what to wear-, wear it with a pair of jeans and sneakers and you're good to go, or if you want it to be more chic or give the "I spent too much time thinking about what to wear" look add the tee with a skirt and some boots and ¡boom! 
If you follow my blog for a long time, you may know that one of my favorites designers is Johanna Ortiz -Colombian- and if you follow her on instagram pretty much all you see in all her designs are ruffles and believe you'll fall in love with them. I think this trend is so pretty, chic, elegant and feminine, all at the same time and is amazing for any occasion, casual shirts to more gown look-a-like dresses and you should, please have it in your closet, whether it's a shirt, dress, coat, anything, literally anything now have ruffles. 

This trend is a little more risky and I don't think is for everyone but if you love it, try to add it just in one piece, don't do 2+ metallic pieces because it can look saturated, do a skirt with simple elements like a basic shirt/tee and some boots or sneakers  with some jewelry and let the metallic piece be the center of attention.

Jackets, jeans, tops and dress are now coming with embroidery and I love it, I think this can make a piece look 10 times better and so elegant, this is extremely easy to style, believe add statement pieces to an embroidery piece and you will look so put together.

Denim jackets with stones, patches, messages, long, oversized and with volume is all you are going to see this season and to style this piece all you have to do is let it be the main piece of the outfit.

Since last summer we've been seen the slides trend but this time is stronger and you are available to find them with stones, brand logos, faux hair and simple colors, also the sneakers this time have a little twist and is that embroidery are taking over them and those gucci sneakers are beautifullll -I want them, so bad- , pointy shoes are also hot right now with flowers print and laces.

The windbreakers right now are the "bomber" from last year, everywhere and anywhere you will see people wearing this type of jackets and every store are selling them, but people want the "vintage look" that the Nike, Adidas is giving and also Victoria's Secret sells some that are pretty cute so if you don't want to spend a lot of money in a windbreaker jacket you can find plenty of options.

The silky - the better... Yes, that's true. The look you want to give right now is the "I didn't spent too much time trying to know what to wear" so if you can add your silky -pijama- robe to your outfit it's amazing, and a kimono can make a look more chic and elegant so why would you doubt it? Wear it and own your outfit. 
Which trend of the trends I mentioned would you use?

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