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March 14, 2017

A few of the hottest trends right now, some of them are a little bit risky and the others are the one you have to fall in love with...

Let's start with hair. I am a curly girl and I always hated my curls until I decided to do a treatment called "botox" so now my hair is straight and shiny but, why when I did it this trend came out (?) even though my hair wasn't with tight curls I found it very hard to keep it in place that's why I think that is important that if you have this type of hair you take care of it, we want natural, beautiful hair, and obviously you need to do a few treatments so the hair doesn't look damaged.
They can be messy, perfectly done or however you want them. Braids are a classic way to make a normal hairstyle -buns, straight, pony tails, etc- look cuter, so anytime you are undecided on how to make your hair just add a braid or a lot of little ones. It's time for you to be creative!
Spring and summer are the seasons for music festivals, so now you don't have to spend time just thinking what to wear, you can do a simple yet cute outfit and add glitter to your hair with braids -which are the other hot trend-, I honestly would do it for this kind of events, because it would be very risky to do it on a daily basis or for an elegant event. So if you're going to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra, or any music festival, go for it!
I guess a rock this look every single day, beacuse there's time when I don't like to do my hair and after I get out of the shower and I dress I'm heading out the door hahaha but this look is not just that if you want it to last longer all you have to do is add gel and maybe you will need a lot of it.
Now it's time for makeup. A lot of designers used this technique in Fashion Week, and is super easy to recreate, you don't need any transition shades or anything, just one pigmented shadow of any color and apply it to the entire lid, or if you don't want to do it that bold you can do a colorful eyeliner and you're ready!
The red lipstick will always be a trend but this season you need to give a chance to darker colors like wine, burnt red, burgundy and even purple. And if you do a "no makeup-makeup look" with a dark lip you can totally rock it since the morning.
It's like the normal smokey eye but after 10 hours when the makeup starts to move and dissapear, so if you haven't master the smokey eye technique don't worry this is the time to let it be and try to not be perfect because this trend is all about being simple, you can even do it by tracing a line with your eye pencil and then blend it with a brush, the result will be amazing!
This makeup look won't leave the runways and the street-style any time soon, and I mean who doesn't love to look natural while using the less amount of product. All you have to do to achieve this look is cover any imperfection, under eye circles, irritation, curl your lashes, brush your eyebrows, add a little bit of blush, a tiny bit of highlight in the high point of your face and moisturize your lips and voila, done!
Now it's time to used colors like orange, red and copper, this palette of colors is perfect for any eye color and by adding this palette to a simple makeup you will achieve a more sofisticated look to your eyes. You can eve use your bronzer as an eyeshadow.
A little bit of blush on your cheeks can make you look more happy and fresh, you can wear nothing but just blush and it's amazing because this season the blush is the product you need in your cosmetic bag. A good tip for finding the perfect blush is to pich a little bit your cheek and the color you get from that is the one you need to buy, we want a natural makeup not something out of control.
All these months your closer friend will be glitter, yes, glitter. Don't be scared tho, you don't have to apply all the glitter bottle to you eyelid, you can add it to your routine by adding it to the inner corner, to the bottom eyelash line, to your lips -a little bold- and if you don't feel comfortable doing any of this, just add lots and lots of highlight.
Which one of this trends is your favorite and/or the one you think you'll use?


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