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Thursday, September 01, 2016

One of the most classic thing a girl can do is to use red lips and I love it. Often I see coments about the color skin and the lipstick color and yes that's true some colors don't look really good in some color skins. For example, I stay away from nude tones that aren't pink-ish because I am so pale that if I uses that color I will look "dead" but when it comes to red I use prettu much any color even the darkest because I am a huge believer that this color brings elegance and feminism to any look and this is how I apply it and it lasts me for hours; here are 4 steps for the perfect red lip:

1. Exfoliate: That's the first thing you have to do before you apply any lipstick because if you have little pieces of skin (especially dry lips) the lipstick would look bulky and more concentrated in some spots.

2. Hydrate: Use a chapstick after you exfoliate, that way the lipstick would apply smoothly.

3. Outline: If you are using red or dark tones this is very important, otherwise you can create a mess if you apply the lipstick directly because you don't have a guide and you don't want that, you spent too much time doing your makeup to end up having lipstick everywhere.

4. Now for the last step just fill the lips with the lipstick and that's it. You would make that your lipstick last longer and look perfect!

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