☆ Wear the trend // Shearling ☆

December 15, 2016

Now that it's winter -some places are full of snow already- I think that one of the statements for this season is shearling, everyone is using it and to be honest with you girls, I am a little bit jealous, I love cold weather and I love even more this type of jackets and what is better than being warm in the freezing cold and looking trendy.

☆ Closet essentials ☆

September 10, 2016

I think is important to have a few key pieces in your closet because it can help you a lot when you don't know what to wear, so if you have this essentials pieces you will be able to create many outfits and all of them can be different. Here are the main items you need to have:

Closet Essentials

1. Black Loafers - 2. Ankle Boots - 3. White Sneakers - 4. High Heels

☆ TRAVEL DIARY // Quindio ☆

July 14, 2016 Quindío, Colombia

*Valle del Cocora*

Last week my mom, sister and I decided to spend some time with my uncle in Barcelona, is a little town in Quindio that anywhere you look the only thing you see is coffee and platano cultivation, the weather is warm but the nights are a little bit chilly. Besides coffe and platano, you can also find a lot of "chalets" (rental houses for a little vacation) and they are extremely cute and perfect for a getaway.

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